There are 5 Chapter One nurseries in the UK and we have been providing a warm, nurturing and challenging environment for children and babies in Scotland and North Yorkshire since 2004. More recently, in 2018, we expanded and opened internationally, with a nursery and kindergarten in Muscat, Oman.

Where a child's story begins

Chapter One Childcare (UK) Limited has a strong commitment to providing the highest standards of care and learning in a stimulating and supportive environment. Our nurseries provide children with a safe, secure and happy place in which they can play grow and learn. We strive to encourage, support and challenge children in their learning journey, while continuing to meet the needs of each individual child and family.

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The importance of repetition

As parents and teachers, we often believe that offering new activities every day is beneficial for our children’s learning. We may think it keeps them engaged, exposes them to a variety of experiences, and prevents boredom. However, research shows that constantly introducing new activities can actually hinder learning. In contrast, revisiting the same activities over-and-over

Every student needs to know how to learn.

Every student needs to know how to learn–learning strategies. And they need to know those strategies as well or better than the content. And they need ones that make sense to them. That they understand and can grow into. Don’t tell them to ‘use analogies’ because ‘research’ says so. They need smart, intelligent, useful, flexible

Imaginative Play

Have you ever noticed your child putting teddy to bed? Giving their dolly a bath or ‘talking’ on the phone? Children love to play pretend games with their toys and often use their own experiences as part of their play, as they act out everyday situations or events. Playing in this way lets them explore