At Chapter One we plan for learning to meet individual children’s needs. So many
settings use themes and topics and whilst from time to time this may evolve, what we need to
realise that to inspire a child to learn , they must be interested in the subject.

For example if we tell the children this week we are learning about ‘under the sea’, whilst you
may have some enthusiastic participants, not everyone is interested in that subject and
therefore immediately they switch off to learning.

But, if we capture children’s individual interest, then we can link this to give encouragement for
learning naturally.

For example a child is fascinated with cars , so to do a numeracy lessons using cars to—sort
match, line up, count etc will be far more interesting and will engage that child.
That is why a clear knowledge of each individual child is important which enables us to deliver
learning in a fun and playful way.

We often find that when we approach learning in this way groups of children become involved
and it is about teachers delivering exciting ways to teach and adapting to suit all children’s
abilities to give challenge and breadth within the leaning and to be able to evidence the impact it
has on individuals.

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